About Me

Hello! My name is Chad Norman and I am a certified K-8 teacher in Washington. Most of my teaching career has taken place in Lynden, WA. I was a fifth and sixth grade teacher for 12 years (2000-2012). The driving force behind my work is to maximize student engagement which leads to improved learning. Math and Science are my areas of expertise. Progressive uses of technology to get to students excited to learn more is my greatest joy. Pathfinder Learning was started to explore how teaching programming, 3D printing, and robotics to students can increase student engagement while improving understandings in core content areas.
Activities in Lynden included:
-Middle School Summer Migrant School Teacher
-Directing the annual school Science Fairs and Spelling Bees
-Starting an after school horticulture club and growing vegetables for local food banks
-Assisting in the coaching of the cross country and track teams

Recent Activities
-National Committee Member of the Emerging Technologies Committee (COSN)
-Software and Information Industry Association Judge: Best Mobile Applications in Education
-Presentation at the 2013 Ed Media World Conference in Education Technology
-Designed and delivered new curriculum in 3D Printing, Programming, and Robotics (grades 4-7)
-Middle School Mindstorms Robotics Coach

Programming Skills: (Fundamental Knowledge of) HTML/CSS, Java(Android Development), Python, C++
Other Interests:
-Distance Running and Track
-Arduino and Physical Computing
-Building 3D Printers

Family: My boys Parker and Luke are right and left hands in the techno lab. Dr. Emma Norman is my loving wife and demonstrates her exceptional intellect in her new book, Water Without Borders