K-12 Technology Education

Apps for Education

These tools are becoming one of the most effective methods of learning and communicating. Understanding the basics of web safety and knowing the value and reliability of sites is essential. Students must master these areas and begin to see themselves as active creators in this environment. Lessons and tutorials will outline how students can learn basics of HTML, Java, and Objective C which will lead them to controlling this powerful medium.

Learning to Code

Computer programming is seen as one of the future's most in demand skills. Students who possess an understanding of the fundamentals of programming will have an undeniable advantage when looking for lifelong professions. And the best part of programming is that it is fun! Learning to design graphics and video games is an exciting way of exercising many mathematical skills at the core of new national standards.

Robotics and 3D Printing

Physical computing is a great way to learn more about technology and how to program. Building and programming robots is an effective way for children to instantly see the results of of their physical designs and computation. Solid modeling and 3D printing is a natural application of this when students explore geometry and engineering in this incredibly exciting new medium.